Trading Signals

Recommended CryptoHopper Settings

If you have any questions, please contact us at contact [at ] ctasignals.io

Base config - Buy settings

  • Percentage lower bid: 0.1
  • Max open time buy: 5
  • Max open positions: 5-20
  • Max percentage open positions per coin: 1
  • Only 1 open buy order per coin: ON
  • Only buy when there are positive pairs: OFF
  • Enable cooldown: OFF

Baseconfig - Coins & Amounts

  • Allowed coins: All
  • Percentage buy amount: Minimum estimated buy amount must be 0.0015 BTC, but you can set more
  • Minimum BTC amount per order: 0.0015 BTC

Baseconfig - Strategy

  • Signals only: ON
  • Number of targets to buy: 1

Baseconfig - Trailing stop-buy


Baseconfig - Sell Settings

  • Take profit at: 1.5%
  • Max open time sell: 15
  • Percentage higher ask: 0.05

Baseconfig - Sell Strategy

  • Sell based on strategy: OFF
  • Hold assets when new target is the same: OFF

Baseconfig - Stop-loss

  • Stop-loss percentage: 4%

Baseconfig - Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

  • Enabled: True
  • DCA after X time open: After 15 minutes
  • DCA max retries: 2
  • DCA set percentage trigger: 2.5
  • DCA buy immediately: true
  • DCA order size: Double down

CTA Signals Settings (Config => Signals)

  • Pause Signal: OFF
  • Market order: OFF
  • Take profit at: Empty
  • Percentage higher bid: 0.1
  • Percentage lower ask: 0.1
  • Sell Signals: OFF
  • Allow all coins: ON (only available if you have the highest version of CryptoHopper)
  • Signal configuration: ON

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